New Technologies and Fuel Payments - a new series of Insight Features from CRT (Europe)

In some of our recent work, we've outlined three prevailing drivers of change in commercial fuel card markets in Europe: internationalization, outsourcing, and digitalisation. Over the next six weeks, and as we approach the launch of our new (and, we think, definitive) strategic study of Europe's fuel payments landscape (more below) - we'll be publishing a series of six Insight Features looking at how technology is set to alter the power structures in today's European fuel cards marketplace, re-engineer value chains, and deliver greater choice to corporate fuel and fleet customers.

Each Tuesday from 26th September, take a moment to check in here to read our views on different aspects of technological innovation, as well as our assessment of the likely commercial impacts and implications. 

There is no prioritization in our scheduling, but the line-up of our unique Insight Features is as follows:


26 Sept: The refuelling revolution: how technology could crown new fuel payments kings in Europe


03 Oct: To cloud or not to cloud: how SaaS is asking new questions in platform outsourcing


10 Oct: Fuel cards ..... really? How long does plastic have left?


17 Oct: Online shmonline: what's next in fraud prevention?


24 Oct: Telematics: why everyone's so not getting excited


31 Oct: Can't they - or won't they? Why networks don't like flexible control


Yep - we'll be being suitably provocative, but seeking to get the questions out there which need to be answered and which, we think, will shape the future in our sector.


The Insight Features will also be published on our new company linked in page at and on our website at Please take a second to visit our pages and connect with us - you'll also be able to check out our previous articles there.

Commercial Fuel Payments in Europe: Insight into Today, Outlook for Tomorrow CRT's comprehensive report on the European fuel payments market will be available from 7th November 2017. Intended to serve as a detailed guide for financial investors, a reliable tool for strategic marketers in the sector itself, and a handbook for new entrants and solutions providers, the report includes:


Insight into Today

Market size and growth, country by country

Structural segmentation of the market, and size of segments

Sale channel and channel margin analysis - segment by segment

In-depth look at today's competitive landscape (refiners, retailers, dealers/franchisees, independents, solutions providers)

Detailed look at Europe's Top 5 markets

Outlook for Tomorrow

Key trends driving market evolution

Internationalization: drivers, impact and implications

Digitalization: drivers, impact and implications

Outsourcing: drivers, impact and implications

Comparative strategic scenarios

The fuel payments market in 2022


Please contact us through our website at or by emailing me at to find out more about the report, and to register your interest in advance of publication.

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