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CRT Insight Feature: Platform, Platform, Platform: Have the Lunatics Taken Over the Asylum?

Recognise this: You’re working with a platform that is decades out of date. You want to upgrade it, replace it, outsource it. Why? Because your customers need it and demand it.

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CRT Insight Feature: Retail Dealer Consolidation – what does it mean for fuel cards?

Consolidation in the independent retail sector is going to deliver change in the fuel card landscape.

So what’s happening?

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CRT Insight Feature: Sshhhh – Don’t Say the “F” Word…….

Why is the commercial fuel industry so far behind retail banking in preventing fraud?

Fact: though it’s a point they don’t like to talk about, both fuel card issuers and commercial fleet operators provide for liabilities and bad debts incurred through fraud. Estimates of those provisions may vary, but are often between 2% and 3% of overall...

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CRT Insight Feature: Fuel Cards and Affinity – a Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, Tied-up in an Enigma. Really?

It isn’t working, is it? While parcels and logistics firms grow subcontractor fleets year-on-year; organisations and clubs swell their membership lists, and home shopping hits new highs, fuel card issuers have been slow to recognise these trends and even slower to respond.


So why is that? The answers are, sadly, both mundane and none too...

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Where next for B2B mobile fuel payments?

Most strategy documents we've seen - from within the industry, or from external thinkers - describe the move from card-based to card-less refuelling as one of the "certainties" of the commercial fuel market's next-stage evolution.

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CRT Insight Feature: Fuel cards – really? How long does plastic have left…?

Isn't it astonishing how many of us still talk about "the fuel cards market"? Many of the major downstream oil companies have “fuel card” divisions; private equity firms talk about investments in the “fuel card space”, and there is even a group on this app called “Fuel Card Connections” (you might even be reading this feature in that group thread...

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CRT Insight Feature: Online shmonline: what's next in fraud prevention?

You know, I was thinking back to those days when the most ambitious claim a fuel card issuer could make of its anti-fraud proposition was that its network was "fully online". I was trying to figure out just how long ago that was: Two decades? A decade? Five years? Last year?

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CRT Insight Feature: to Cloud or not to SaaS is asking new questions in platform outsourcing

Fuel retailers have fuel card programs: end of. They squabble about whether they are commercial businesses run as part of a b2b portfolio, or whether they're a core part of a fuel retailing business (they're both, which is kinda the problem). Sometimes, they even set them up as standalone financial services businesses, pretending they know how to...

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CRT Insight Feature: The Refuelling Revolution: how technology could crown new fuel payments kings in Europe

Investors and research firms in the US are evidently somewhat perplexed: the expectation on both sides of the Atlantic was that the big beasts, Fleetcor and WEX, would storm into Europe and sweep all before them. Recent indications would suggest that if that's going to happen, it's going to happen far more slowly than we all expected. There are...

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