Network & merchant development (fuel, tolls, VAT etc.)
Our partners have close relationships with fuel networks, toll and VAT recovery service providers right across Europe. We can support you in developing competitive network acceptance where your customers need it and at the right commercial conditions. Not only that, we can help you to build strong tolls and VAT offers, with the right partners for your business.
Strategic marketing: offer development & positioning
With commercial fuel and fleet markets in Europe rapidly changing and a new competitive landscape emerging, clear and distinctive strategy is critical to profitable growth. We are equipped to support you in answering the key strategic questions: how should we position our business? Which market segments should we target and with which offers? We go further too: we’ll support you in engineering your offers and in taking compelling customer value propositions to market.
Sales structure, processes, capability & performance management
As margins tighten in fuel and fleet markets, implementing effective channel sales structures is vital. CRT has deep experience across Europe in building sales strategies which optimise cost to serve and maximise customer access. We’re experts in building effective sales processes and putting in place the right sales measurement tools – whether that’s robust sales targeting mechanisms or workable sales performance management frameworks.
We understand that fuel and fleet customers can have complex decision-making structures – we’re familiar, too, with the priorities and the challenges of fleet operators. This understanding has enabled us to build specific and tailored sales capability programmes for fuel and fleet sales teams, which have significantly increased “key sales indicators”.
Outsourcing support – for card issuers & service providers
The trend for major fuel networks in Europe to outsource either processing, or sales and marketing, or both (!) is intensifying. Building the right strategy for outsourcing, developing an effective RFP, selecting and negotiating with the right partner and then operationalising the outsourced service is a complex but success-critical process. Let us use our experience to help you with at every stage.
CRT can offer support, too, to the outsourced solutions provider. Whether that is developing functional specifications which meet the rapidly changing demands of fleet and commercial transport sectors, opening the doors to new contracts.
Mergers & acquisitions
Our intimate knowledge and closeness to the European fuel and fleet market puts us in prime position not only to identify potential acquisition targets for the smart investor, but to open the door to negotiation. More and more investment capital is coming to the market as it evolves – and multiples are being pushed up in the “visible” market. By working with our partners, we can help you to identify less obvious targets for acquisition, giving you first mover advantage and keeping multiples down.
Due diligence
The CRT team has decades of combined experience in fuel cards sales, marketing and operations. Our understanding of the key levers of success in the fuel card business, as well as our ability to benchmark critical performance indicators against the market, enables us to add significant value to due diligence programmes. A CRT due diligence team can quickly evaluate operational and technical fitness for purpose, the value and competitiveness of commercial agreements, cards customer service performance (front and back office), transaction processing efficiency (and security), as well as existing and potential margin.
Strategic alliances & partnerships
New entrants, outsourcing and emerging technologies are reshaping Europe’s fuel and fleet markets and resulting in the convergence of previously disparate offers. Tomorrow’s winning solutions are likely to be forged through imaginative strategic alliances and channel partnerships. With relationships across all the major players in both mainstream and adjacent sectors, CRT Consulting is perfectly placed to advise you on the potential for win-win alliances, and also to broker and engineer those alliances with you.
Support for global strategy consultancies
We know our limits. As a specialist consultancy, we are not equipped to handle very large fuel retailing or wider downstream energy projects. At the same time, we know that many of these projects include fuel card issuing or acceptance workstreams which may benefit from our specialised skills, knowledge and expertise. We are always ready to help add value to the work of major, global consulting firms by taking on specific fuel and fleet activities as part of broader projects.
  • We have massive proprietary market intelligence
  • We know all the key players in the European market
  • We don’t just understand the market trends - our partners have driven them
  • We know who’s coming in, and we know who’s going out
  • We have a team of specialists who are not just architects, but engineers
  • We can build it: commercial fuel & fleet businesses listen to us – you should too...
to winning solutions
Supported by partners who lead the market
Unparalleled understanding of commercial fuel and fleet markets and trends - informed by proprietary market intelligence